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Barny of Dallaby – Barny

*17.06.1995   ✟ 30.04.2008

Hips B1/B1

Elbows  0/0

Eyes clear

Full dentition

Character Test  10.08.1997:

The 26 months old Labrador male shows a measured temperament and a love of physical activity. He is very attached to his (female) owner and her son, showing awareness and obedience. He is very people-oriented and loves children. His tracking, predatory and retrieving instincts are present to a large degree. Around the behavioural testing course he is totally confident and unflappable when confronted with all kinds of attractions and distractions. The dog is not afraid of gunshots.

German Breeding Standard Assessment 1998: Excellent

Well-balanced male of excellent type, whose development is not yet complete.

Registered for stud by DRC on 01.09.1998

Winner Baden-Württemberg, IRAS Stuttgart 1997

1st Veterans’ Class at Herrenberg 2004, with son David



More about me

On 30 April 2008 life and death shook hands in our house – while our little foursome opened their eyes our dearly beloved Barny has left us forever. Our pain and our grief are untold. Barny has always been the heart and soul of our human and dog family. Everything we have come to know about dogs we owe it to him. His natural authority was never ever questioned by any dog, he has always been friendly and relaxed, joyful and interested in everything. As a babysitter of our pups he’s been unsurpassed. One month before his death he showed us how to do a perfect dummy retrieve despite being an old man and a sick man – dummy work has always been his passion. There has never been a better dog than him. He left us with countless beautiful memories – we will forever remember him.

A big heartfelt thank you goes out to our friend, Markus Schäfer, for these beautiful last photographs of our Barny. Thank you so much, Markus.