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Biscuit Nightmare of Fire – Biscuit

Born 10.12.2002


Hips C2/C2

Elbows 0/0

prcd-PRA-genetic test LABOKLIN 21.03.2007

Result: Genotype N/N (clear)

OptiGen prcd-PRA Test 20.04.2007

Result: Genotype Normal/Clear

Eyes clear, DOK Examination of 04.09.2008

Full dentition

Character Test 17.04.2004:

The 16 months old friendly bitch shows good attachment to others and obedience. She is open-minded and interested towards strangers. She shows a hunting disposition typical of Labradors. She enjoys the supine position in a playful manner. In the visual and audio spheres, the bitch shows interest and remains totally confident and unflappable. During the entire behavioural test the bitch displayed a medium temperament and a beautifully balanced character typical of Labradors. A wonderful human/dog team. The bitch is not afraid of gunshots.

German Breeding Standard Assessment 2004: Excellent

Registered for breeding by LCD on 13.10.2004



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