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Eyecatcher of Poet’s Corner – Bonnie

Born 29.04.2005


Hips A1/B1
Elbows 0/1

prcd-PRA-genetic test LABOKLIN 21.03.2007

Result: Genotype N/N (clear)

OptiGen prcd-PRA Test 20.04.2007

Result: Genotype Normal/Clear

Eyes clear, DOK Examination of 13.10.2008

Full dentition

Character Test 01.07.2006:

The 14 months old bitch with a nice medium temperament showed good attachment to others and obedience. She acts in a friendly fashion towards strangers but with little interest. Her predatory and retrieving instincts are very distinct. When going around the behavioural course, she partly investigates the various objects on her own initiative or she allows herself to be led to them. The bitch is not afraid of gunshots.

German Breeding Standard Assessment 2006: Excellent

Registered for breeding by LCD on 27.09.2006



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