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Mighty Sparrow's Agent Bond - Agent Bond

Born 19.11.2006


HD: A2/A2

ED: 0/I

prcd-PRA cleared by OptiGen-tested parents

P1 on lower left missing

Eyes clear, DOK Examination of 20.10.2008

Coat color: Genotype B/b, carries chocolate

Character Test 01.09.2007:

The just 9 months old, balanced male showed beautiful attachment to his female handler. Towards strangers he is totally confident, yet he is less keen on playing with them. When going around the behavioural course he is confident for the most part of the course, in his encounter with the dog he depends on assistance by his handler. His predatory and retrieving instincts were distinct, his tracking instinct was recognizable. The dog is not afraid of gunshots. Altogether a cool dog with beautiful attachment to his handler and a very distinct perseverance.

German Breeding Standard Assessment 2008: Excellent

Registered for breeding by LCD on 29.03.2008



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