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Mighty Sparrow's Audrey - Audrey

Born 19.11.2006


HD: A2/B1

ED: 0/0

prcd-PRA cleared by OptiGen-tested parents

Eyes clear, DOK Examination of 20.10.2008

Full dentition

Coat color: Genotype B/b, carries chocolate

Character Test 01.09.2007:

The just 9 months old bitch showed good confidence and attachment to her female handler. She is friendly and open-minded towards strangers. When going around the behavioural course the bitch is confident in the audio sphere, in the optical sphere she depends on assistance by her handler. Predatory and retrieving instincts were recognizable, her tracking instinct, however, is very beautifully developed. The bitch is not afraid of gunshots. A young bitch living in a pack and who could not gather much experience on her own. Nevertheless she displayed calmness and openness about new situations during most of the test.

German Breeding Standard Assessment 2008: Excellent

Registered for breeding by LCD on 29.03.2008

CACIB Stuttgart 11.11.2007  Res. CAC German Youth Ch. VDH

CACIB Offenburg 15.03.2008  Res. CAC German Youth Ch. VDH



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